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Preventive Care and Clinical Programs

We encourage our patients to lead healthy lifestyles and practice preventive care. We offer a variety of clinical programs, including exercise and eating plans. We also strongly support  the primary care physician relationship as a path to better overall health. Working with your family doctor, we can better coordinate your medical treatment. 

Healthy Steps You Can Take

  • Prioritize high-quality sources of protein and fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid foods loaded with sugar, starch, and saturated fats (3 S's) including candies, regular pop, baked goods, potatoes, rice, cookies, crackers, and greasy meats
  • Gain control over your food urges and keep the portions small
  • Stop smoking - its all bad
  • Go from sedentary to mild activity and then to moderate activity with exercise at least three days a week
  • Keep alcohol at 1-2 drinks per day maximum
  • Take your medications on a regular schedule (most adults are taking blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medications)
  • Be aware of heart symptoms including fatigue, shortness of breath, chest/neck/arm/ pain or pressure, calf pain, swelling of feet and legs
  • Track your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and LDL cholesterol

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